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How To Pick the Perfect Wedding Shoes?

How To Pick the Perfect Wedding Shoes?

Your special someone doesn't want to be planning the entire wedding by themselves as your involvement is essential in choosing the right pair of wedding shoes, one of the most accessible and most exciting parts of the wedding. All the attention will be on you, so you need to ensure that your shoes match your suit and you leave a lasting impression.

Wedding shoes for men have several functions that go beyond fashion. One of the essential parts of your purchase decision is buying comfortable shoes. Your shoes should not just look good on the wedding day, but you need to be comfortable so that you can feel the toes the next day.

Wedding Shoes for A Formal Groom

Your suit is likely to influence what shoes you wear, so choose this before you start looking at the footwear options at EZOK. If your wedding is going to be a formal day, then your shoot and suit must combine in a way that reflects perfectly. Black suits are one of the most common options for formal weddings, especially black-tie events, making a comeback now. Black shoes are a good option if your suit is black on mainly black.

But you indeed have choices in style even if you don't have several options with colour as you do with the design to bring out the most of your personality with the wedding shoes. Dress shoes are pretty unique, and you should go for tassel loafers, penny loafers, patent leather shoes, or classic brogues. It would be best if you weren't afraid to try other materials with your suit as it can change the look altogether.

Informal Grooms Shoes:

No doubt, many weddings are indeed rocking the informal vibe currently as grooms are wearing tweed suits and a more relaxed style is ruling, so you need to work on the wedding shoes and choose the one that aligns with your suit. You can go for converse shoes if you are looking for an informal look, and you can also try different colours with your wedding outfit and ensure that your shoes are intelligent and clean no matter what you end up wearing.

Wedding Shoes for Coloured Suits:

Wearing a coloured suit, you can choose the following shoe combinations that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Navy Suit

If you are wearing a Navy suit, you can choose black, brown, or burgundy shoes as they look great and make you look the best at your wedding.

Grey Suit

If your suit is grey, you can go for burgundy black or dark grey shoes as they will make you look fantastic on your big day.

The Colour and Style of The Suit

One of the essential elements you need to consider when choosing the shoes at Ezok shoes is the suit's colour and material. The shoes should align with the style of the suit, whether you are wearing a custom suit or a smoking jacket. Shoes play a crucial role, so you cannot ignore the styling while choosing the shoes.

Ideally, the wedding shoes can be brown or black leather tones, but you can add a touch of any colour by wearing bright-coloured socks or even blue wedding shoes. The type of course, their shoes also depend on the shirt, watch or tie you would be wearing with the shoes; hence it is essential to complete the look a few weeks before the wedding to ensure everything matches.

Indian attire

The diversity in the Indian culture ensures that the Indian Groom stands out as among the best looks across the World. The Indian clothes evoke your royal and ethnic side. Pairing it with the right footwear is the real deal. If you’re looking for options on the flattering side consider Ezok men black leather semi formal shoes. Leather loafers make it the perfect modern day Indian wedding look 

For The Typical Groom

The Time of The Year

When choosing wedding shoes, you need to consider the time of the year besides the venue and the weather. For instance, you can buy shiny black designer wedding shoes for elegant venues while you can choose a laid-back style for a beach wedding. In addition, you need to consider whether you will be walking in the grass or on solid ground before you buy the shoes.

Look For Comfort

One of the most important things you should consider while buying wedding shoes is comfort. Comfort is essential for the entire groom's look, from the shoes you buy to the suit you pick down as you will be walking in the shoes all day long. Weddings are not short events, so you should choose a pair of shoes that you are comfortable with style-wise and comfort-wise.

Pick the best wedding shoes, which are classy, comfortable yet chic from EZOK now!