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Creative Ways to Promote Any Brand on Digital Platforms

Creative Ways to Promote Any Brand on Digital Platforms

Arvind Bajaj, founder EZOK Shoes, started his career at a very young age of 20. Hailing from the city of Agra, Bajaj holds a small shoe factory there. With lack of any professional degree and technical background in shoe making and designing and without proper infrastructure, Bajaj struggled to establish his business in the start. His initial years were spent in doing job work for various export companies in Agra which used to be a hub of shoe manufacturing in India.


Digital marketing is the key to the glory of every online brand. In this enigmatic setup, there are always more ways to promote products or a brand on digital platforms. Brand visibility becomes 100 times better when it does have a great product and promotional ability.

A product can be great, but making it out of this world requires a sound level of marketing. Hence, it does require a combination of both for making a brand look creative. There are several examples in the market where they use a different set of creativity to sell their products and make the brand name well-known.

Guest Blogging

Google advertisement does lead buyers to a website. However, evening without Google ads, it is possible to be a long-term first-page player on the internet. One has to power its website with blogs and then the guest posting can give backlines to the different pages of the website. Within months, it can show positive signs and after one or two years, one can manage Google ads and guest blogging for even better results.

Creative touch

Not everyone can run a massive video campaign on YouTube for months as it is a costly job. Hence, one has to come up with videos that can get viral. And there are paid promotions that can help a video to get viral, which can make a brand well-known. Hence, creative touch in making creatives is too crucial. It can do wonders for a brand. Social Media

After 10 years, metaverse can take over social media. However, as of now, it is best to lead a brand with social media. One can make a brand associated with influencers who can promote the product to the masses. Also, there are giveaways and other ways to make a brand generate sales from social media.

In the end

There are more than a million ways to promote a brand on the digital platform. At the end of the day, it is all about touching the heart and mind of a person who can feel associated with the brand. Many do feel that guest blogging is not the best way to promote the brand. But from the angle of generating huge numbers in sales, it is a great tool with doing other ways of promotion for making a platform shine. Digital marketing requires just an idea for making an impact in a massive way.