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Tip of the day

Damp & Dry Clean Your Shoes

Without water, it’s impossible to get the dirt out properly. So instead of soaking them in the water you can give them a damp wipe. Before doing this, make sure that you have removed all the excess dirt using a shoe brush. Now take any old, damp cloth and give your shoes a gentle wipe. This can be done daily if needed.

Keep Them Away From Water

No matter what variety of leather you have, it is not going to be naturally waterproof. Water is like poison for not only leather but any premium material. In case your shoes do get exposed to water, make sure to dry them properly.

Polishing The Shoes

You need to polish the shoes in order to make them look as good as new. Polishing does nothing to the lifespan of the leather shoes. However, it does add shine and freshness to the shoes. You can polish them as and when necessary, using any variety of shoe polish.

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