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Ezok Advantage

People who are engaged in functional jobs always require shoes that provide extra comfort and protection for their feet. For this reason, leather shoes are always preferred. However, as synthetic material is cheaper, many people opt for non-leather shoes despite their inferior quality and lower comfort. The price of leather shoes is slightly higher, but you'll be surprised to learn that leather shoes are worth the investment.


Leather shoes allow the air to pass through the material and allow your feet to breathe. This keeps your feet fresh and prevents them from smelling.


Leather shoes can outlast other shoes made from synthetic materials. High quality leather is durable.


Our shoes are handcrafted by international designers and fit your feet perfectly.


Leather shoes are flexible & provide extra cushioning & grip to your feet while you are on the go. The strong & supple material makes leather shoes comfortable like no other.


Shoes and merchandise made from synthetic fibers and synthetic fabrics have been considered as damaging to the environment during the manufacturing process as they release harmful gases.  As leather is a natural material, no harmful chemicals were used to create it - making it eco-friendly!

 At EZOK we use only environmentally friendly products and services, we source only sustainable leather made by responsible manufacturers. EZOK’s Responsible manufacturing practices aim to reduce the amount of energy, water and chemicals used during production, as well as reducing the amount of solid waste, wastewater, and air emissions.

Ezok sources only certified raw material to demonstrate our commitment to sustainable leather manufacturing to customers.


Consumers around the world are eager to discover new, stylish and affordable leather shoes and Ezok provides them with that opportunity.

Our products are designed by European designers who adapt regional cultural and historical elements into distinct products and collections, suitable even for the international market. The contribution of diverse cultures and traditions is a key characteristic of the trends. Our International designers bring this value to life.

Italy remains a leader in Europe in the footwear designing and the fashion industry. In addition to sustainable designs, EZOK designers explore heritage-based innovations and creative processes.