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5 ways to wear loafers the right way

5 ways to wear loafers the right way

It's comfortable, it’s trending, it's in vogue. Loafers have been here for quite some time but they're gaining momentum only recently. And rightfully so. Loafers are all about pushing the boundaries of footwear and exploring new territories of style and comfort.

This concoction of casual comfort and sophisticated design make loafers your go-to choice for more occasions than we can count. The youthfulness and majesty that loafers provide at the same time make you feel like a young king, regardless of a throne existing. At this point, it’s easiest to state that wearing loafers is like donning a whole experience altogether.

And we don’t want to be left out of the bandwagon of casual yet classic styling.

This guide will help you choose just the right pair for the right occasion so that you won't have to loaf away your precious time choosing the right loafers.

Here are 5 ways of wearing loafers the right way.

1. Casual rendezvous: Whether the occasion calls for meeting your friends, or running errands, wearing loafers can give you that extra edge. Pair Ezok Brown Leather Slip-on Shoes with blue jeans and a plain white shirt and you’re ready for those impromptu meetups.


2. College look game changer: If you’re wearing sneakers to college every day, it's high time you diversify your footwear. Pair your usual college outfit with Moccasin’s driving leathers loafers and look at those heads turn. These stylish yet affordable pair can revamp your everyday college attire. You can even play around with styles and colors and step up your college outfit game today.


3. The gentleman look: Formals are all about class, elegance and looking luxurious. But this doesn’t mean your look cannot be funky and bright at the same time. The next time you get into a suit, pair it up with penny loafers, and consider your look complete. You can also go for semi-formal leather slip-ons for rocking a chic yet dapper look.


4. For the 9 to 5: Your profession might call for an unbending shift, but your loafers don’t have to. For comfort and flexibility that stay all day long, Ezok Men Brown Slip-On Formal Penny Loafers with Perforated Toe Shoes are the best fit for you. These shoes provide you with a refined look and are ideal for business meetings and office wear in general. The footbed is cushioned, ensuring maximum comfort so that you ensure the hustle goes on.


5. Coffee date companion: Wearing sneakers on your first date could be too informal, just like wearing formal shoes could be too restricting. When in doubt, slip into a pair of semi formal loafers to enhance your look and stand out from the rest. You can add that extra dynamism to your look by going for loafers with tassels, giving you the edge that you desire on your first date.


Loafers are versatile and keep coming in upgraded shapes and forms such as snake-skined, chained, tasseled and even perforated. Not only are they trending, loafers are bound to stay in vogue owing to the comfort and panache they provide at the same time. Because they’re so versatile, they can be worn in numerous occasions, if worn the right way. Use this guide to don the perfect loafer-look and you shall conquer the day feeling like the young king that you are.