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Difference between loafers and slip-ons

Difference between loafers and slip-ons

Loafers and slip-ons might look the same, but are actually not. Though loafers fall under the category of slip-ons, they differ in their fit, fabric and style. To put it simply, every loafer is a slip on, but it's not necessary that all slip-ons are loafers. There are certain occasions where wearing the right kind of footwear can make all the difference. And for helping you choose just the right pair for the right occasion, Ezok Shoes has you covered.

But let us first look at how loafers are different from slip-ons so that you don’t miss any chance to sport the best look possible.

Occasion: Loafers are more suitable for a refined look. They are ideal for formal occasions such as office meetings or job interviews. You can even wear them in semi formal and casual settings such as weddings and get-togethers. Slip-ons on the other hand give a more casual look and feel to the outfit. You should prefer wearing them in relaxed settings, when the mood is light and informal. It is better to wear slip-ons on road trips or treks for extra comfort and flexibility.

Heel: Loafers usually have heels, though not very long. Purpose of heels in loafers is to give you an erect and elegant posture. They also help you look a little taller. Slip-ons on the other hand don’t have a heel most of the time. They are best suited for occasions which have a laid-back and informal setting.

Fabric: Loafers are known for their leather built. Due to this, they tend to be harder than other slip-on shoes which are generally softer and have more room for the foot. It is due to this differentiating factor that loafers give a more refined look as compared to other slip-on variants. However, slip-ons too can be made out of leather as they’re not strictly limited to one fabric, unlike loafers.  

Lace: Lace-less shoes have a minimalistic touch to them and work with any outfit possible. Since loafers fall under the category of slip-ons only, it is safe to say that both don’t possess laces as their primary purpose is for you to slip into them without the hassle of tying lace knots. That being said, it is important to point out that some slip-ons do have laces occasionally.

Sock: It is your personal choice to pair your shoes with sock. The purpose of sock is to give you extra cushion and comfort. They can be especially helpful with loafers, which tend to be a bit harder. Sock also helps in absorbing sweat, thus helping you keep the smell away from your shoes. If you’re looking for a formal look, you can go for a no sock look with your leather loafers, or you can wear ankle socks as well if you’re going for a minimal look. On the other hand, you can choose to wear funky statement socks with slip-ons for informal outings and give your look that extra edge.

Design: Both loafers and slip-ons come in different style variation. Loafers can range from plane surface, to quirky tassels, perforations and chains. In addition to such styles, slip-ons can have further variations and even funkier designs, embroideries and colors, as per the occasion.


Even though loafers are more or less a type of slip-ons, there are differentiating factors between the two that you just can't miss. You can choose the ideal pair for yourself from Ezok’s wide range of footwear.  Whether it is a semi-formal look that you’re striving for or a completely casual one, a movie night or an office party, Ezok Shoes help you achieve the exact look that you desire by providing you with fine quality footwear that is both functional and affordable.