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Colour Matching Tips for Men’s Footwear

Colour Matching Tips for Men’s Footwear
Footwear is one of the most important yet most underrated elements in a man’s outfit. It’s necessary to take care of colour coding your footwear with your outfit appropriately. Wearing the wrong colour of shoes can make your outfit look like a disaster. In order to look pleasing to the eye, it is necessary that our shoes go hand-in-hand with our clothes. They have the power to make or break our entire look. Choosing your footwear based on colour matching is a prerequisite to look good.

The Classic Look Can Never Go Wrong

If you don’t want to put much time and energy into colour-coding your outfit with your shoes, then go for classics. The classic look, whether a formal or a casual one, will consist of neutral colours like blacks, whites, greys and browns. For a formal situation, go in for a black suit with black formal shoes. For a casual look, you could go in for something subtle such as a black/white tee and jeans paired with black//white leather sneakers. For a lazy or a sporty look, white sneakers paired with a grey tracksuit can do wonders.

Eye-Catchy Colour-Blocking

This is for those men who live to experiment with fashion. If you are a bold person who likes taking risks and is willing to go an extra mile with bright colours then colour blocking is the way to go for you. You can try out different contrasting or complimentary looks with colour blocking. A yellow blazer over a white shirt and bright navy blue trousers can be paired up with tan coloured leather moccasins for a trendy formal event. If you’re feeling courageous enough, try black leather loafers paired with a pink shirt and bright yellow pants. Colour-blocking is perfect for those who are bored of the age-old blacks.


Monotone is hands down the classiest look. Go for an all white formal look- white shirt, white trousers and white leather boots. Or go for an all-white casual look- a white tee worn over white denim shorts and white sneakers. The best colour to go for in monotone is- you guessed it right- black. Whether it’s casual, formal, sporty or semi-formal, black will not fail to make you look good. When you’re planning to go in for a single colour for your clothes and shoes, even brown can make you stand out while making you look classy.

Casuals- The Easy Way Out

You really cannot go wrong with the casual look. Whether you wear classic whites and blacks or bright colours, you are bound to look good. Pairing up neutral coloured tees with jeans and dark sneakers is one look. Another would be bright shoes paired with a dark coloured tee worn over dark coloured jeans. You can even try bright tees with white shorts and pair them up with brown moccasins, bright sneakers or the classic black/white sneakers. White sneakers are the most versatile type of footwear, give them a chance because they look good with everything. Almost everything works out with a casual look; you really cannot go wrong with it.

Whichever look you choose, whichever footwear you decide to pair your outfit up with, keep in mind that colours play a major role in your eventual getup. Avoid mixing colours that clash excessively. You don’t want to end up looking like an eyesore. Make sure to experiment with as many colours, tones and hues as possible. With experimentation, you will be able to discover what looks good and what works out well for you.