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Shoe trends for men in 2022

Shoe trends for men in 2022

The perfect pair of shoes will make you look stylish while providing you with comfort. In 2022, comfort is the key to fashion. You want heads to turn as you walk into the room, feeling confident that your shoes are rocking your look. Whether it’s a fancy cocktail party, a boring day at the office or a lazy walk with the boys, you want your shoes to compliment your outfit and your mood. Read on to check out the latest shoe trends for men in 2022 to master your look without any effort.

Everyday Shoes for Men

No one has the time to decide which pair of shoes to wear on an everyday basis. Getting late for the office is enough to drive you crazy; you don’t need the added pressure of indecisiveness in the morning to figure out your footwear for the day. For an everyday purpose, you must have basic black or brown casual shoes in your collection. Whether leather sneakers or slip-on shoes, these have to become your go-to shoes for an everyday casual look. Slip them on along with a pair of jeans and a black shirt; you’re guaranteed to look handsome with zero effort. These casual shoes will eventually become your “comfort zone” for an everyday go-to look.

Carrying a Sporty Look

Men thrive on the sporty look. Whether you’re hitting the gym, planning a hike on the weekend, going for a sprint after a long day or just going out to chill with your friends, your favourite pair of slip-on sneakers is definitely going to accompany you. 2022 is a world dominated by comfort. Sneakers provide your foot with cushioning, making sure that you look cool while you’re on the go. You are sure to outshine the other guys if you choose casual leather sneakers for a sporty look.

Moccasins and Loafers - Rage of Today

Moccasins and loafers are the trendiest and the most versatile kind of shoes these days. They are ruling the markets, they are ruling over fashion. If paired with the right outfit, they can make you look extremely stylish. You can wear tan coloured moccasin driving leather loafers with dark coloured suits (they look particularly good with dark blue, maroon and purple suits) and catch everyone’s eye at events and parties. Pairing them up with trousers and a jacket over a white shirt would create the perfect semi-formal look for your presentation day. If you want to go wild, make sure to try colour blocking - pair them up with brightly coloured shorts and a different coloured tee for the most iconic summer look.

Formal Shoes for a Classy Look

Leather shoes turn out to be the best formal shoes for men. Your shoes have the power to make or break your whole look. Imagine getting dressed for a business conference - you are wearing an expensive black suit, you’ve put on your favourite cologne and your hair's on point - but the poor choice you made in selecting your footwear destroys your outfit and your confidence in a jiffy. Your first impression can go from classy to trashy if your shoes don’t go with your formal look for this much-awaited corporate event. The best way for you to look like a gentleman in a formal setting and flaunt your formal look would be to wear the classic black formal shoes. Wearing a pair of brown cap toe leather shoes can also polish your look and make you stand out.

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