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Everything To Keep In Mind Before Buying Your First Leather Shoes

Everything To Keep In Mind Before Buying Your First Leather Shoes

For a guy to buy his first pair of leather shoes is a big milestone. Leather shoes have always been known for how classy they are and how tasteful they can make you look; buying your first pair can indicate your entrance into the “elegant clique”. Whether you’re trying to up your fashion game at your office, or you’ve got that much-awaited corporate promotion and you want to show everyone who the boss is as you walk with your leather shoes clicking on the floor, or you just want to add that extra touch of class in your wardrobe, a good pair of leather shoes will definitely become your feet’s best friend. And to shop for your first pair of leather shoes, you need to keep some important factors in your mind.


Before you buy your first pair of leather shoes, you need to have an idea of what you want to buy and you really need to actually “get to know” the shoes that you are going to buy. This requires you to do a systematic evaluation to find your perfect piece in the following ways:

  • TRIAL AND ERROR: Don’t grab the first decent-looking pair that you see on the shelf of your local shoe shop and buy it. That’s a big “no” and one of the most common mistakes people make when they shop, especially men, since the idea of spending hours and hours shopping feels very annoying to us. Try on several shoes, several pieces. With online shopping at hand, browse through different types of leather shoes. You might be attracted to cap-toe formal shoes or you might want to go in for a semi-formal look with slipon moccasins.
  • HOW COMFORTABLE ARE THEY?: The most old-school advice actually turns out to be the best: try wearing different pairs of leather shoes and walking around the room, testing them for their comfort. No matter how beautiful the shoe, don’t go for one which is uncomfortable. Even if your purpose of buying the pair is a short occasion like a 2-hour business conference, you don’t want your confidence to drop as soon as you enter the room because your feet are crying.
  • THE SMELL OF LEATHER: This is the most underrated but an extremely important point to be talked about. If the shoe that you’re planning to buy smells bad, or smells weirdly like plastic or rubber, then it’s probably not leather; it’s either fake leather or has cheap quality. Leather is known to make you look classy and polished, and if you walk around smelling like cheap rubber, then your style is going to go down in a matter of seconds. Another common mistake people make is to assume that the shoe might be new, that’s why it’s smelling bad. But always remember that if a new shoe is smelling bad, then it will smell worse once you wear it and walk around in all the heat and sweat.
  • SAY NO TO SHOE-BITES: New leather shoes are usually very snug. Make sure you buy the right size, because most of us don’t realize that by the end of a long day, our feet start to expand more, we start getting more tired, and the shoe we are wearing at that time can actually provide us with a lot of comfort or discomfort. When you are trying on the shoes, make sure you have socks on and you check how you feel around the heel and the toes area. If they feel snug, then great! But if at all they feel tight, or if their edges feel rough on the skin, then you are guaranteed to develop shoe-bites over a period of time. Shoes that are tight and can develop shoe-bites make you feel more tired, hurt your feet in the short and long run, and directly affect your confidence level. So make a wise choice.


Your reason of buying the pair can be anything. Don’t go in for a typical black classic pair just because everyone is buying it. The idea for you is to look good, and if you’re buying these shoes, let’s say for a photo shoes where you’re wearing bright clothes, then maybe loafers would be a better option for you. Buying something blindly without defining your reason is nothing but a waste of money. Are you buying them for a meeting? Do you want your classiness to go up and are buying them for an everyday office look? Are they specifically for your friend’s wedding, where you’re going to wear a flashy suit? Or do you just need a versatile pair which can go with every outfit? Never invest in your first pair of leather shoes without defining your plan and reason to buy it.


If your shoes are comfortable as well as stylish, and you’re convinced that you’ve hit the jackpot, then take this last step before taking out your money and paying; plan your outfits in your head. How you’ll pair them up, what clothes you’re planning to wear with them, and how your overall outfit will look. Having a basic idea in your head of whether the shoes will go with your style or not is important and can save you from a lot of problems in the future.


If you’re still confused about what to buy and what not to buy, or if you don’t have a signature, bold style which defines your personality, then the best idea for you is to simply go with the classic black lace-up formal shoes, or the classic brown pair. The idea is simple: you can’t go wrong with classics. Pair them up with basic whites, blacks and greys, and you’re ready to rock your look.

While you’re in the search to find your first pair of leather shoes, make sure to check out to find your perfect pair!