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Men Formal Shoes

Men Formal Shoes

Best Formal Shoes for Men

Attention to detail is paramount. We offer the best dress shoes for men that come with an elegant, sleek design with contemporary style and comfort. This stylish dress shoe comes with rich leather on the uppers and the outsole, sharp lining, and a stacked heel.

Our collection of premium formal shoes are the perfect choice for your office, dinner date, and everything else in between. Perfectly crafted with the finest leather and unparalleled attention to detail, these are the perfect pair of everyday shoes for men for both formal and smart-casual occasions.

The way you dress can reflect a lot about a man's personality and preferences. According to the saying, shoes can define an outfit. Every scuff and detail counts. It is true that not all formal shoes can be worn with all formal attire. Therefore, it is essential to select styles that compliment your style and personality and look nice in your outfit.

There are many things to be aware of when selecting a pair of formal shoes that are one of the best purchases a man could create for his wardrobe rather than treating it as a flimsy purchase.

What are the essential things to be looking for when buying formal shoes?

Type of Shoe

The first step is to be aware of the type of shoes you're looking for. Because, in the present, there are a variety of choices to pick from, knowing what kind of formal footwear you'd like to purchase is essential. For instance, in the category of formal footwear, Oxfords are considered the most formal. They are followed by Derby and are great for formal events such as Black tie events or weddings.


Because leather is the most well-known and popular material used for formal shoes for men, leather quality plays an important aspect in footwear performance. Genuine leather of good quality is not odorless like plastic or chemicals and may smell like polish.
The stitching on the leather would be subtle and clean. There might be some imperfections, scars, or patches on the leather's surface.


Like in clothing, the fit in your footwear (or shoes) is crucial not just for the sake of being neat but also to ensure the well-being of your feet. Always choose a good the right fit over fashion.

To ensure that your shoes fit properly, be aware of these points:

  • Please take a look at both pairs of shoes (pair) and stroll around in them to determine the degree of comfort (too snug or too loose).
  • Be sure that there isn't any added tension on your legs while moving about in them.
  • It is recommended to wear socks (that you typically wear or intend to wear when you wear formal shoes) when trying on the new pair.
  • Do not forget to shake your toes as you wear the shoes. In general, you should have a 1-inch space between your largest toe and the box of your toes.
  • Remember to keep in mind that, unlike cloth or suede, the leather shoe will not stretch as much. So, if you decide to purchase one and think that your feet will adapt to it in a short time, it will turn out to be a fable.
Shape of the toe

There are various types of toes which range from the plain toe to cap toe to wingtips and semi brogue to give a few examples. It is best to pick one with a decently-shaped toe instead of opting for elegant, very broad, or narrow shoes and thus strike the right balance.


Shoes for formal wear should ideally be with the appearance of low heels (no heels), and the heel shouldn't exceed one inch. Ideal heel height: 1 inch or less. However, do not choose heels that are flat at all costs.


Although brown and black are the most commonly used shades for dress shoes. However, they are not the only ones that let you match them with nearly everything. Tans and browns are appropriate for casual attire and require more attention when it comes to styling.


Shoes for formal wear should always be laced. This is because they appear more professional when compared with other types of shoes like loafers and slip-ons.