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Men Leather Shoes

Men Leather Shoes

How to select Genuine Leather Mens Shoes?

Selecting the best leather shoes for Men can be an extremely complex procedure.

Men should have shoes to be able to match their belts, however the rest of the clothing and the surrounding environment should be considered in addition.

If you're thinking of purchasing genuine leather shoes for yourself, there are a number of things that to consider:

  • Are these shoes to be worn casually or formally?
  • Do you prefer lace-up shoes or one that is able to slide on?
  • Do you prefer brown or black leather shoes?

A top-quality set of premium leather shoes will typically be priced at higher rates and as such it is essential to know the basics of what you're looking for before buying.

* Tips for pure leather shoes for men: They are more likely to get filthy and damaged when they are scraped on or stepped over concrete.

Let's begin by reviewing the various styles of shoes made from leather for males. Once we have decided on a style, we can look into the appropriate color options in greater specific detail.

Mens Formal Leather Shoe Styles

It is crucial to be aware that while every style listed below may be created using leather, it's not always the situation. The goal here is to find your favorite shoe design.


The choice of leather formal shoes in the Oxford style is to select shoes that are not adorned with frills or other embellishments. They're a favorite because their minimalist and timeless design is perfect for various occasions and environments.

Oxfords are distinguished through their lower instep, close lacing and the non-rubber sole. They are usually coupled with suits as well as a formal blouse and trousers.

For dress to work or to contemporary occasions, Oxfords in a cognac brown shade could be a good choice.

If you are planning to put on Oxfords to an event that is a more formal occasion, opting for high-end leather shoes with a traditional black color is the best choice. Think about Oxfords that have a highly polished texture with a shiny, glossy finish.


Loafers are most likely to be renowned for their absence of laces and buckles. They are designed to be slip-on shoes that have an elongated, flat heel.

Often referred to as a formal sport shoe, Loafers are a common option for yacht clubs.

Certain loafers with tassels are more formal However, more modern and casual styles usually don't.

Older loafers had straps that were placed over the top of the shoe, which could be used to store change or other small things. This is how the phrase "penny loafer" came from.

Cap Toes

Some people consider cap toes to simply be embellished Oxfords. Though a myriad of frills or embellishments can be utilized to create a leather shoe more unique, cap-toes on Oxfords are the most popular.

While Oxfords are known for their simple style, Cap toe shoes are thought to appear more sophisticated due to their embellishments.

What is a cap-toe footwear is the leather band over the toe. This aids to clarify how the name came to be.

Dress Boots

For clarity, when it comes to choosing boots, leather shoes are a good alternative.

But the dress boots are usually only ankle-length , and definitely not the same size as the traditional work boots and snow boots.

The dress boots are typically maintained with a high-quality polish and can be decorated with perforations that form the form of wingtips.

Dark jeans, casual suits or a pair of pants would look great with formal boots. Actually, the majority of men only wear dress boots in informal or semi-formal environments.

Monk Strap

Monk straps are similar to loafers in that they don't have laces, however they have a strap made of leather located across the upper area of the footwear. It is used more for aesthetics or decoration rather than a practical purpose.

The elastic strap made of leather is linked to an elastic clasp or metal buckle that appears to hold the shoe in place.

Due to the additional hardware that is included on the shoe These shoes are to be put on in a more casual environment.

Colour Choices

Once you've settled on the type of shoe you want to wear it is now a matter of which color you'd like to wear. Shoes made of leather for males can be found in a broad variety of colors, including,

  • Black
  • Cordovan
  • Brown
  • Burgundy
  • Oxblood
  • Chestnuts and Occasionally
  • White