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EZOK is a brand that lives by the highest standards of sustainability, ethical sourcing and responsible manufacturing. Sustainability is in the soul of our business, not just because it is the right thing to do, but because that’s the thing to do now. We are driven by our ambitious vision and purpose to Re-imagine Global fashion within our ethos of Growing Responsibly. We believe in reducing waste. Encourage recycling. Cutback the carbon footprint. And yet, to achieve all these socio-environmental responsibilities we would not be compromising on comfort, aesthetics and design of our styles.

Our Leather

Our leather is sourced from tanneries that come under government regulations and are mandated to comply with environmental standards as well as with international regulations. Most of these tanneries run their own wastewater treatment plants to manage their impact on water usage and aid water preservation. To manage solid waste, these tanneries follow government protocols and many already run circular waste streams to provide new materials or energy sources from their solid waste. Harmful substances, such as Chrome VI, Mercury, Arsenic, Phenol and Formaldehyde are not used in tanning. However, some tanning agents may use Formaldehyde and phenol in a very highly regulated manner. Further, the use of toxic solvents is very low and declining. Many chemical formulations in tanneries are reused during the process to limit their discharge and reduce cost.

EZOK Shoes

At every stage, EZOK ensures that all of its vendor partners and suppliers stay true to our sustainability promise which includes the following promises: • We will reduce our water consumption and CO₂ emissions 50% by 2023, as compared with 2013 levels • We will save power consumption through efficiency by 2023 • We aim to be climate positive by 2028 EZOK does its business based on honesty and integrity, it comes natural to us to have a set of guiding principles on what we believe to be good business conduct based on our values. We are committed to being an ethical, value-based corporate operating fairly and legally in the market, operating through a sustainable supply chain and having zero-tolerance to waste.