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Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions


Delivery Charges:

The delivery charges are included in the pricing, so please do not pay anything at the time of delivery.

Ordering Policy

  1. All Orders, booked and paid for, cannot be cancelled.
  2. Terms & Condition of service apply.
  3. For Order related queries, please contact Customer Service:

Shipping Policy:

We are committed to delivering your order accurately, in good condition, and on time. Please note our shipping policy is as follows:
  1. We make our best efforts to ship each item in your order within 5 working days of the order. However, in some cases, we may take longer, up to 7-10 working days.
  2. We ship on all weekdays (Monday to Saturday), excluding public holidays.
  3. Currently, each order may be shipped only to a single destination address. If you wish to ship products to different addresses, you shall need to place multiple orders.
  4. We only ship through reputed courier agencies to ensure that your order reaches you in the fastest time and in good condition.
  5. While we shall endeavour to ship all items in your order together, this may not always be possible due to product characteristics, or availability.

Exchange Policy

Ezok products are manufactured with the utmost care and stringent quality control is always maintained. However, despite this high-quality assurance, there can be few odd defective ones among the millions we manufacture and sell. In case you find a manufacturing defect in the product purchased, kindly contact Customer Service:

We provide 100% replacement for major manufacturing defects if the concerned product is brought to our notice within 15 days from the date of invoice. Claims are entertained only against manufacturing defects and admissible when shoes have been appropriately used. All minor defects will be considered for repair first and not replaced.

Definition of Major Manufacturing Defect:
  1. Damaged/Discolored Upper Material
  2. Broken/Damaged Sole or Insole

General Terms & Conditions for Exchange/Claims

  1. Any issue or claim regarding delivery will be entertained up to a maximum of 15 days from the actual order delivery date. Ezok will not assume any responsibility or liability and will not entertain any issue or claim, for non-delivery after expiry of aforesaid 15 days period.
  2. All articles being returned for exchange/claim must be accompanied by original Invoice.
  3. No warranty/guarantee/exchange for articles purchased on discount or during sale period.
  4. Articles / Product sold under any promotional scheme including but not limited to discount coupons / gift coupons issued under any promotional scheme of Ezok or any third party will not be eligible for exchange & Claim/Refund.
  5. For exchange/claim, please contact Customer Service:
  6. For Exchange or Claim, it is mandatory to have the article inspected by Ezok and to return the article to our warehouse, upon approval the exchange/claim would be initiated.
  7. Replacement against exchange/claims will be subject to availability of the same product. In case, the same product is not available, then replacement will be adjusted against subsequent purchase at Ezok.
  8. The value of the replaced merchandise will be equal to the original purchase price of the exchanged/claimed article, as mentioned in the Invoice, irrespective of the current price of the exchanged/claimed article, at the time of the exchange / claim being made.
  9. If the value of the replaced article is less than the original value of the exchanged/claimed article, there will be no cash refund or credit note issued.
  10. If the value of the replaced article is more than the original value, Ezok will recover the difference against the sale.
  11. The decision of EZOK would be considered final in all cases.