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Summer’22 Is All About Casual Comfort

Summer’22 Is All About Casual Comfort

A stylish pair of sneakers can level up your usual outfit by many folds, owing to their versatility and ability to blend in with every outfit on every occasion. But wearing the right pair is an art.

Sneakers are not just limited to sports footwear now. They’ve become a fashion statement for more occasions than we can count. Whether you’re out on a road trip, or rocking a dapper look for an office party, or even attending an important meeting, sneakers are you companions through the dust and glory (literally). But remember, you need to keep them clean and polish them regularly, and pair them with the right outfit for truly bringing out a stylish summer look.

Styles keep changing every year and we want to be in vogue. With so many options to choose from and so much room for experimentation, it can be hard to narrow down to just the right pair of sneakers for the right time. To help you with just that, we bring you the latest trends that everyone is talking about. Without further ado, lets dive in!

Leather in any weather

There’s just something about leather that exudes charm and regality. Leather has a mature look and a distinct feel to it which cotton, or nylon sneakers seem to miss out on. A great pair of leather sneakers separate the men from the boys and thus manage to hit the mark. Therefore, invest in good quality leather sneakers this summer and make those heads turn for good.

Tan sneakers for the win

Your regular office shoes can get boring after a point, and it is high time you ditch those. This summer is all about not limiting yourself to your usual leather shoes. Step up your game by switching to tan sneakers as they are trending and go with just about any outfit. Tan sneakers are basically slip-ons for revamping your 9 to 5 look. They can be worn in office without compromising on style and comfort. This pair gives you a semi formal look. Why a semi formal look you ask? Your regular office shoes are way too stiff looking, making you look like a guy who only means business and is even unapproachable. Instead, a semi formal pair of tan sneakers can make you look more affable, and yet give you classy look. Yes, your sneakers have the power to express your personality (and you would want to exploit that to the fullest).

Bring back the black

Black leather shoes are a staple footwear for numerous occasions. If worn the right way, black sneakers can accentuate your look to a level that your friends might start calling you a fashion guru. Black leather sneakers don’t have to be like your typical black shoes. In fact, every little detail of lining appears much more pronounced on the black canvas that your shoe provides, giving them a stunningly detailed look. Black sneakers go with everything. But we would recommend you ace a street-style casual look with these. Pair your black leather sneakers with neutral tones, denims, black shirt, or dark colored jackets and blazers.                                 

Down to the Browns

Whether it is daily wear, or a weekend fit, brown shoes can level up your outfit. Brown shoes have gone through an evolution from boring to ultra-modern and this change is here to stay. It helps to keep a pair of brown leather sneaker handy as they can be worn to the office as well as on casual occasions. You can pair them with khaki pants, earthy toned clothes and keep it cool and casual, or you can go for a more mature look and pair them with medium to dark colored pants and a crisp white shirt.

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